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Tajh Miller. Long Branch, Nj. Haha I caught a lot of slack for this pic and a lot of people stole it from me on social networks but all I have to say is. I took this pic because I don’t believe the hype. This release was way too hype so I said whatever and drowned the hype! Took the pic at work yesterday. Long Branch, NJ. Chelsea Avenue Beach.

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you crazy these were nice

OHHH SHITTT! Im afraid to wear mines and look at what you are doing. Can you send me the spare laces?

you bought so at least appreciate that you were able to get em. smh. Youre no better than the kids hyping them up

Cool, u wanted to stir up controversy.. Mission accomplished, I'm not one to tell the next man how to spend there money but if u make minimum wage, why did u even buy a $250 shoe, y did u put them under water? You wanna prove a point saying that u don't wanna fall into the hype but u buy the shoe anyway? U wanna not fall into the hype post a picture of some of ur "og stuff underwater" or post a picture of a $250 pair of shoes that u bought one of your siblings cuz they'll appreciate them

You kill hype by not giving it light... driving to buy, waiting in line, spend 250 plus tax, driving home, driving to the shore, taking and posting a pic just adds to it. Things I don't agree with/like I don't do... simple. I wait in lines for roller coasters and to get popcorn... not to get sneakers. To each their own though

Respect for the shoe? Come on people... Respect is reserved for things a little more profound don't you think? I'm a sneaker head like the rest but the camping out for days, paying 500 and the straight up bafoonary people are indulging in twice a month is getting out of hand. I don't agree with trashing anything I paid for but as I posted above... it's all his so let him rock out.

Its your paper, The Hype over these is a little ridiculous imo but thats me. I was checking for em myself. $250.00 The shoe game is lovely right now! So much money being poured into the Shoe Vault. It was a time where $250 was wayy outta line, now shoe sell out and going for wayy more on Ebay. Hey, you earned it , spend it! If we were millionaires, we'd be collecting cars. For now, it is shoes. Screw it. HypeBeast or Collector, whether you buy to rock or resell it is what it is. Can't stop the machine. Unemployment? Recession? yeah right, not as far as the sneaker game is concerned. the economy is looking good right now from that perspective.

Less emotion please everyone. If he really didn't believe the hype, would he have tied his laces like that??

Shoes come and go, whether the most basic GR or something limited like these LBJ. You all may cherish your Yeezy and whatever, but there will come a point in time where they will no longer be wearable, so props to him. Diamonds are forever, but shoes aren't.

That's just dumb! Have some respect for the shoe @ least.

Yo Tajh, Good shit brah!!! Do what you do pimpn.

His money, shoes and feet.... at the end of the day he's got to live with the choice to buy, wear, ruin and the point he hoped to prove

i effing agree, these shoes were to damn hyped. i dont even like em, there is too much gray and these cost to damn much. lebron 8s were better and affordable

I never said they were wack but some dick heads buy shit and dont even wear them. What the point of that? I have crazy collection of OG shit and I wear everything I never understood of working hard for something to just sit in the box forever. Fuck outta here I'ma do what I want.

it just doesnt make sense to me, these kicks were really limited and hard to come by. So you're saying that you wasted what im sure was a decent amount of time waiting for these shoes just so you could get comments on the internet. it seems like you're looking more for attention rather than "making a point".

would have been dope if you were actually in south beach...

"drowning the hype"???? wouldnt you be adding to the hype simply by purchasing a pair of $250 Lebrons "south beaches". Great way to prove a point to a bunch of ppl that wont care about u or ur kicks minutes after looking at ur post. lol clown.

Yo I'm far from rich ima college kid. Making 7.25. I'm known for doing shit like this I come from a single parent house hold. Mom has 3 kids and my pops is locked up. I make my money the hard way and do what I want. Got a problem with how I spend my money go eat a dick.

Bro cry me a river. if u make $7.25, and you saved up 3 months worth of pay to cop these lebrons just to ruin them. be my guest, but for someone crying about what they didnt have in there life u have a great way of showing how u appreciate things that you do have. IJS

WHOA!! Calm down. Your right, you can do whatever you want with your money. Dont let my opinion anger you. I think most of us hear who appreciate our kicks think that it was a dick move. But s/o to you and ur NDS'd brons.

i cant agree with this picture. i wouldnt do this in $20 dollar pumas versus $250 sneakers. Understand the point, but drowning your kicks to prove that point ridiculous. This culture has gotten way to polluted with rich kids how dont give a sh!t.

water doesnt ruin shoes lay off the bath salts

lololol , i dont get the hype either . i told myself im not buyin a pair of LJs until he wins a championship .

Wouldn't buying a pair of his kicks just because he won a championship be the very definition of 'hype'? What happened to just buying a pair of kicks because YOU like them?

hype or no hype thats a lot of money to spend to prove a point through a pic! lol **no hate**

I dont think water would even damage shoes with these new age materials prob just get a lil salty

great action! also thinking that the hype for these is out of control...

Some reason I want to applaud and nice picture! Hope you had some spare socks though!

I here where your coming from but that's still a $250 shoe

Yo he's trying to sell. just testing waters lol




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