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John PHX. Steelo you said theme of the week was comfort so that’s what I went with for my Vegas rotation. Lol

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haha dude only a joke nice rotation i did read the description i just booked my flight to vegas.

Steelo the answer to your question JB Custom Kickz on facebook

im loving the aunt pearls, too bad they cancelled them here in Orlando. Those Air max's look fresh I saw them at the nike outlet for $110, and I had to pick em up.

Thanks teach!! And trust me this isn't a collection pic.

Haters are going to hate, my man. That's most definitely an ill rotation you got for the week. Comfortable too.

Hot shyt John. i like the rotation pix. loving the diversity in your kicks. those Max's is nasty yo. i may throw a rotation pic up.

2. “Collection” pictures will be denied

nice travel kit man...good luck out there




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