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Ellis Chapman D’Kwon Guerrero Lansing, Mi Sexton HS HS prom

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I woulda gone flints instead of wolf greys but still lookin good! 12s… not the most

Do u! Y'all be able to look back and laugh and say at least I was enjoying life!

yo son why on earth would u put black laces in those 12s........

Wolf greys dont look bad at all. Those 12s though....

those 12s look fresh out the bowling alley. Hope you youngbuls had fun tho, nice looking couple 0_0

Dope pic. I would have went with white laces on those 12's for a cleaner look tho. But do you mane!

ahhhh I'm sorry fellas only Jordans that look good in a tux is 11s for obvious reasons lol




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