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you are a lucky man with a cool friend

These Joints GO SUPER HARD!! Nice footwear dogg

Again these are first version samples they stamped "sample" on the inside liner so the actual release version won't have the heel tab like the high tops do.

I got them from a buddy who has a connect with Nike. Follow me on instagram @wtfitzvi for more pics and daily updates. The HDR effect makes my ankle look weird lol

These might be my first LB9. What's the style and color code? I need to research them. Thanks in advance.

it wont pull up if i give you the color code because this is a "sample" stamped version they will never release in this color.

Very Nice! Go Raiders!

3rd pic makes it seem as if you grew fur on your leg. lol. The detail on the shoe looks nice though.

yeah the HDR effect makes my ankle look really weird...looks like i have freckles on my ankle lol

More like gang Green.

These look good bro ......ima go check em' out in person, on feet

These are really nice. Where did you pick them up in NY?

got them from a buddy who has a nike connect....sneaker news posted pictures of these shoes when i received them in nov.




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