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Will, Pittsburgh, Anesthesia Tech

It was nice to just walk into a Finish Line and buy a newer release I wanted without facing a sea of hype morons.

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Do you, Will. That CW is mighty clean!

pic makes me want a PURR!!! BURRRR

Nice pick up Will! Great contrast with the Levis. Good look.

nice! griffeys all the way

Honestly, we're just smart enough not to pay high moron prices for these. You can walk back in that particular store in 2 months. You'll still find your 99's there. They'll hit the outlet soon enough!

lol I like them, and wanted them now, you mad buddy?

Because they're not hyped, they have high moron pricing now? He said a release "HE LIKED" and he'll get em when he wants. Clean, BTW.




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