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Javier Texas teacher hardest part of vacation, what shoes to take lol…praying for more nice weather in Galveston

Sent from Galveston Texas

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I have that gym bag to lol... U need to start posting again steelo!!

LOL! You're looking like me when I travel. I have finally disciplined myself to only pack two pairs of shoes when I travel on business, but when travelling on leisure I have this huge gym bag that I carry with me that I can normally get about 5-6 pairs crammed in there.

Your case/bag must be huge...

I got my sprites from eBay , and yes I'm on the 9 bandwagon shoes strange design was to much to turn down...and pretty damn comfortable

extremely comfortable! good idea teach.

Javier, i see you're jumping on the LeBron bandwagon.

Hey i know this is off topic but where did you get your lebron 8 sprites a couple weeks ago?

Pretty much all my Jordan's lebrons just for the trip cause those boxes r huge lol

Do you always keep your kicks in plastic or is that only for your trip?




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